Safety. Service. Satisfaction.

Hiring a services company should not be a painful process. Lochend Energy Services Inc. ensures that you will receive the highest quality in equipment and personnel. Our strength is our experience, this enables a solid partnership with your service provider that will pay dividends at the end of the job.

One phone call will leave you knowing that Lochend will handle the job in a timely, cost effective manner while doing it with the highest regards for safety & environment. This is accomplished with our industry leading experts (100+) years of experience and cutting edge technologically infused equipment.



Lochend Energy Services Inc. is compiled of industry leading experts based in
Williston, ND. Our Management team has over 125 years of well testing experience, providing the basis to be the leader in the well testing industry. Complete with state-of-art equipment and knowledgeable crews, we provide our services both safely and efficiently.


Flowback Division
West Shop

14480 Commerce Park Blvd.
Williston, ND, 58801

Flowback Office Phone
(701) 572-5009
Flowback Dispatch phone
(701) 609-0174    

Coil Division
East Shop

14472 Commerce Park Blvd.
Williston, ND, 58801 

Coil Office Phone 
(701) 577-3505

Coil Dispatch Phone 
(701) 580-6861



Lochend Energy Services - Flowback Division
14480 Commerce Park Blvd,
Williston, ND, 58801

Flowback Office: (701) 572-5009
Flowback Dispatch Phone:
(701) 609-0174

Lochend Energy Services - Coil Division
14472 Commerce Park Blvd,
Williston, ND, 58801

Coil Office: (701) 577-3505

Coil Dispatch Phone: (701) 580-6861