Safety. Service. Satisfaction.

Hiring a services company should not be a painful process. Lochend Energy Services Inc. ensures that you will receive the highest quality in equipment and personnel. Our strength is our experience, this enables a solid partnership with your service provider that will pay dividends at the end of the job.

One phone call will leave you knowing that Lochend will handle the job in a timely, cost effective manner while doing it with the highest regards for safety & environment. This is accomplished with our industry leading experts (100+) years of experience and cutting edge technologically infused equipment.


Lochend Energy Services - Flowback Division
14480 Commerce Park Blvd,
Williston, ND, 58801

Flowback Office: (701) 572-5009
Flowback Dispatch Phone:
(701) 609-0174

Lochend Energy Services - Coil Division
14472 Commerce Park Blvd,
Williston, ND, 58801

Coil Office: (701) 577-3505

Coil Dispatch Phone: (701) 580-6861